About Us


In 2009, Faith An visited Uganda for the first time and came back with a heart for the children and women ministered to by Divine Holistic Ministries.

Nita Russell, her mother, became friends with the founders of DHM, Fred and Judith Kiwanuka. Nita is a contributor and advocate for the ministry at New Beginnings United Methodist Church in Boiling Springs, SC.


After years of developing a relationship with DHM and the Kiwanukas, Nita and Faith are traveling in June 2015 to Njeru, Uganda to meet the Kiwanukas, see their ministry Fred and Judith copyfirsthand, and help prepare for the Women of Hope Retreat. The Women of Hope groups are fellowships of women affected by HIV/AIDs. They meet to support each other in their struggles, encourage each other, learn from each other, learn of God’s Grace and Love, and learn vocational skills to help them support their family.

Nita and Faith appreciate all your prayers and support as they travel and shower God’s love on these beautiful people.

1 Response to About Us


    Hello, i write to appreciate the great work you are doing to support the women and the Children in Uganda. We all see a great transformation in our societies, the women and Children recover their hope and move on in Jesus’ name. I also appreciate Mr & Mrs Kiwanuka for their commitment in the work of serving God’s people. Thank you all and God bless you big and don’t stop please. Amen


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