Happy 4th of July!

Sorry for the laps in time here.

The Women of Hope Retreat 2018 was a huge success.  We were all blessed to see such joy and jubilation among the attendants.  The President of Uganda did not come but there were many governmental official and candidates for the local mayoral office there along with around 1200 to 1500 women.IMG_0984IMG_0987IMG_0989IMG_0970IMG_0965IMG_0962IMG_0961

The women began coming around 8:30 and kept coming until around 10 am. The ministry paid for transport for many of the women in villages far and near.  The taxis came full of women dressed in their finest clothing.  Most had gomas’s in bright colors.

The cooks began cooking the night before and were cooking well into the afternoon.  Everyone had their fill of matoke, peanut sauce, cabbage, spinach, beef in a tomato sauce, chapote (a fried flat bread).

There was 3 small cakes that were cut for the celebration. It was cut and shared among all that wanted some.

The Lord blessed us with good, cool weather. No rain during the event and a gentle breeze all day.

We have been busy going to primary schools and giving them soccer balls and pumps.  My heart is full to see all the beautiful children and their joy at receiving gifts from afar.

It is fun to shout “Hey Muzungu” and wave and give a big smile.  I will miss that.

Last night at the Home of Hope we tried to learn how to use the set of children’s hand bells.  It was quite fun and noisy. There was a heated discussion over who would be in charge of caring for them. Hopefully they will learn many songs and play them in church as part of their worship.

Not sure if I will blog again before I fly home Saturday. Thank you for your prayers and see you soon.

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