Chocolate cake and pineapple smoothie!

June 25, 2018

Happy Anniversary to my husband of 29 years! It takes a special man with special talents to put up with this hard headed, single minded, scatterbrained women that I am.  Thank you Lord for the miracle our marriage is everyday.

I am here at the Keep again to update this blog.  I have Chocolate Cake and Pineapple smoothie for a treat. Yummmmm

Enough about me. We have been so busy with the children’s celebration on Saturday, giving out the dresses, shorts, tee shirts and feeding the children of the Divine Full Gospel Church in Njeru and Butema. We estimate 250 children attended. Some of the older children in high school were unable to attend. Pictures of each of the sponsorship children that attended were taken to update their folder in the DHM office.

The day began as the children arrived from all over the area by taxi bus, boda boda, or walking, with singing, music, and great leadership of the youth pastors of the church.

30 kg of rice and 20 kg of beans and 2 kg of ground meat were cooked and served.  All the children had their fill. Then it was time to give out the donated clothing.  The children were called by there villages they live and schools they attend.  They held their enthusiasm for new clothing well, but it was still overwhelming trying to get the right sizes to the children.

Most all the children received a new item of clothing.  Some of the older children- now adult size were given Upward tee shirts and shorts. The church choir received Upward tee shirts so they could have matching “uniforms”. The children’s choir, Divine Sunday School choir received Upward tees and shorts for their uniforms. They both looked “smart” as they say here, in their uniforms on Sunday morning.

We went to the hospital to check on the boy from Maligeta. The young boy that fell from a mango tree and went to the hospital waited 2 days for x-rays.  When we arrived we found many people outside on the lawn of the hospital and we wondered if there were so many there that there was no room inside.  Later we found out that the patients were forced to be outside on the lawn and sidewalks because they were cleaning the rooms.

Hospitals are very different. This one was a government run facility.  Sorry no photos were allowed. People have to pay before any treatment, emergency or not, bleeding or not, child or old.  You may have to wait for days before you get x-rays, and only if you can pay.  If you need medicine you have to take the prescription into town to the drug store and purchase it.

They released the boy without x-rays.  I claim God’s healing power healed this boy and he is home.  He has been told not to climb the tree again.

Sunday, I enjoyed hearing Pastor Fred Kiwanuka preach.  God is good All the time.

Continue to pray for the Women of Hope Retreat on Saturday.



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