Catch up time

June 17, Sunday

Intersession prayer started at 8:30

The children’s praise team sang and danced for 30 min. then Sunday School for 1hr, then praise and worship for about an hour, offertory, testimony, then preaching. Done about 1pm, time for lunch of rice and beans and fresh pineapple, then a nap.

What a wonderful time to spend praising and learning and worshiping.IMG_0246

June 18, Monday

Went to Butema Divine Preschool to meet the children and teachers. Juliet is the child that is crippled and uses wooden crutches. She is the one we have raised funds for a wheel chair and making the potty excess able. We talked to the mother who also is one of the teachers. She said that the best thing for Juliet would be a walker and potty chair.  She said she would go to Kampala to the hospital there and find out how much it will cost, where we can get it and report back.

There are several special needs children there in Butema Preschool.

June 19, Tuesday

We went into Jinja town to the fabric/ tailoring store to purchase material to make an official Gomas for me to wear at the Women of Hope Retreat next Saturday. Dropped the material and buttons by the tailor. She laughed when she was told to have it made by the retreat, but she said it will be done.IMG_0387

Got some popcorn for munching, some more antibacterial wipes for hand washing, some Pringles too.

Met with another Women of Hope group and brought soccer balls for a team that met at the same place. It was great to see the women walk from long distances to come and fellowship together.

The “boys” had quite a boisterous discussion when the balls were given.  I am not sure but I think the discussion was who would keep the balls safe for playing.  It was like Christmas and I felt like Santa.IMG_0399

The cow for the retreat was purchased and walked to the DHM campus.IMG_0442

June 20, Wednesday

The retreat is coming quickly and preparations are at a fever pitch. Lots of trips into town picking up this and that.  Talking to all the groups.

We went to Maligita to the Divine Preschool today.  It was late so the children were not there but the Women of Hope group that is learning tailoring was there and Judith chatted while Fred told me about the property and his vision for it.

Air time is short so that is all for now. GOD is Good.

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