Technology challenged!

I am HERE and All the Bags are TOO!!!!

I and the baggage arrived in Entebbe at 10:30pm on June 10. The only issue I had other than sitting for hours at a time on the plane was getting to the right gate in the air ports. Note to self: get in better shape for the next time.  Sprinting with a full back pack and carry-on is a challenge.

Got my Visa without problem. After the bags were unloaded, they were re scanned and one was pulled. I had to talk to one of the officers on duty and he said because I was bringing all of this stuff to help the people of Uganda, he would let me go this time.  He wanted me to other papers from the Commissioner of Commerce next time. Fred said that since DHM was an NGO that it was not necessary.

June 11 Happy Birthday to my daughter Faith!

Because it is unsafe to travel at night, Fred booked the Backpackers Inn. My room was simple but comfortable, With a Shower.  The electrical wires connected to the shower head looked a bit iffy so I decided to forgo the “hot” shower.

We had breakfast and then traveled during rush hour through Entebbe, Kampala and then to Jinja. Atlanta has nothing on Kampala traffic! We arrived at the DHM campus around 1pm, greeted by a tearful Judith. She was so happy and I was greeted with a bowl full of fresh bananas, pineapples, oranges and mangoes!

June 12

I am reflecting on how very blessed I am that I have a big God, and people that believe in the mission of Divine Holistic Ministries.

I awoke to the sound of red dust settling rain.  Soon the myriad of birds called to the rain to stop and began to sing their morning songs.

Soon I could here the pat of the Kiwanuka children, Joannah and Frances getting ready for school.

I could hear the Divine Preschool children reciting their morning songs and prayers and allegiance to Uganda. What a blessing to here the happy voices of the next generation, safe, secure and blessed by good teachers.

June 14

Finally figured out how to get on here to blog.  Tried to load photos but it failed.  I will keep trying.  Judith spent the morning in Kampala talking to the presidential authorities about having the President attend the Women of Hope Retreat at the end of June.

I am out of battery and time right now.  I have so much to tell and great pictures to show.  Pray I will be able to.

For now, Thank your for your continued prayers.


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